baking-pic.jpgHi! My name is Jamie, founder of Branded Bites and its child company, Little Bakerz. I’ve always had a passion for food, and as you’ll see in this photo, was a little baker myself at the age of 8.

Knowing that eventually I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I dipped my toes in various roles and companies growing up. And at a turning point in my journey, I learned about something that fascinated me - edible ink technology and the ability to print images directly onto food. It wasn’t long until I founded Branded Bites, offering custom cookies with colour-matched logos and personalized designs. I started the company out of my basement with one employee and a handful of customers, and have since expanded our operations to a 7,000 square foot production facility in Toronto with a team of 10 working with hundreds of clients across North America.

When the global pandemic, COVID-19 (coronavirus) hit in March 2020, Little Bakerz was born. My wife and I had a 3.5 month old baby girl at home, and while she was a bit young to start baking, many of our friends were looking for things to do with their children while quarantined indoors. A lot of those parents were taking on multiple responsibilities juggling work, kids, homeschooling, and housecleaning. Little Bakerz intended to give those parents a lifeline with pre-portioned cookie baking kits for kids that involve less supervision, less cleanup, and less shopping for recipes and ingredients. And so I took a trip down memory lane and started with some of my favourite childhood recipes - sprinkle cookies, monster cookies, and my all-time favourite snickerdoodles.

I care deeply about the companies I’ve built and continue to value every customer we service, every order we receive, and every smile we help to make.

Thanks for visiting our site and for taking the time to get to know about me and my journey! I hope to hear from you!